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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Question: How do I adopt a puppy?

Answer: Call 972-679-5720 ask for Kathie and place a deposit using a valid credit card. Deposits are $1000 for all puppies. Your final balance for your puppy is due when they are 6 weeks of age. Please also fill out an adoption/deposit form.

Question: Do you ship puppies?

Answer: Yes. Including all the paperwork (vet check within 10 days of flight, cage, food, water, preparation time, and driving to the airport 2 hours round trip) usually costs between $575 and $615.

Question: Are your puppies healthy?

Answer: Yes. All our puppies are healthy, cared for daily, play outside when the weather permits, and vaccinated appropriate to their age. They are also checked by our vet with a health certificate. 

Question: Can you guarantee puppy size?

Answer: No. After many years of breeding teacup sized puppies we have a very good idea of knowing the range of size a dog will be at maturity. You can also see the many content and pleased families on our Facebook page.

Question: How do I pay my final balance for my puppy?

Answer: We accept cash, Venmo, and Wire Transfer (via bank to bank) at pick up. Please no credit card or check for final balances.

Question: What type of dog food is my puppy currently on?

Answer: Royal Canin Dog Food for Mini, Extra Small, Miniature Breeds food.

Question: Do you allow visitors to see the puppies?

Answer: We are a working ranch and do not allow the public to visit. But if you'd like to work something out please call Kathie at 972-679-5720.

Question: How do I know you're a reputable breeder?

Answer: We get this question all the time. Please visit our Facebook page to see all the happy and loving families that have adopted from us, some have even adopted from us more than once!

Question: Can you board/hold my puppy if I am unable to pick up?

Answer: Yes and we charge $30/day to board, this is to ensure your puppy gets all the attention it needs, including playing outdoors if the weather permits, checking on numerous times a day, played with throughout the day (by a human) and keeping a close eye on these extra special tiny pups! Also includes premium puppy food, freshly cooked chicken in their meals, and fresh water many times a day.

Question: Do you charge sales tax?

Answer: Yes we are now required to charge sales tax on all puppy adoptions.

Question: Are you also known as Texas Teacups or related to them?

Answer: No

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