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As you begin your search for your new family member, you will discover that you are in for an adventure. Most do not realize how sought after these babies are. Let’s face it, the criteria that you have identified as most needed for your new puppy, makes your search begin to feel like looking for a needle in a haystack! You need a reputable person that places the needs of the puppies first -above the needs of profit. You need a knowledgeable, honest, and detail oriented person with a heart full of passion and an eye for beauty and quality. You need these qualities in your breeder and caregivers, before you begin with the qualities needed in your puppy. As you proceed further in your search, your most often heard phrase is...”I am sorry, this puppy has sold...” 


The reason these puppies are so sought after is really simple. They bring absolute joy into our lives. Every morning, when I walk into the nursery, it is truly the best part of the day. My babies are waking, some stretching, and just opening eyes. .Some reach for me with tiny paws to bathe my cheeks in kisses. Who wouldn't want to start the day like this! As our society has become more mobile, we want to take our babies with us and this creates a need for portable and usually smaller puppy. The tiny puppies are not a fad. They are simply a reflection of our active lives. 

Our ultimate goal is very similar to yours. You are searching for someone to trust to select your new baby from, and we are looking for someone we trust to care and love our babies. To give them their forever homes. In summary, we are looking for the right match of family, for our babies, just as you are. 

Many have asked "How did you get started in this? In addition to our puppies we breed and SHOW extremely rare Arabian horses on our ranch in Texas. We have shown many to national wins, and sold and exported them all over the country and abroad. 

Passion for beauty is something we all share. We are searching for what makes a puppy beautiful, and we add these attributes to our breeding families. There are many qualities that I have learned over the years that make a puppy exceptional. Thick rich coats that are soft to the touch, little tiny faces, with big expressive eyes, tiny high set ears that help create expression, deep black noses, with black points all help to frame the face. Behavior traits are also so very important when selecting your puppy.


In our nursery, puppies are constantly monitored for physical growth and healthy development. We take it even farther. The puppy’s emotional and mental development are also encouraged. We have spent many years analyzing what traits puppies develop that make them particularly endearing. Some of the traits that we encourage are, use of their little paws as hands, cats do this extremely well, and we have noted that poodle and Maltese exhibit this trait. When they reach out and can hold our faces to give kisses, well, that's about as good as life can get at that moment! I love when their intelligence shows thru their faces, when they cock their head sideways with ears perked. You can just see their little brains trying to work it all out...Some puppies can communicate vocally without yapping. They will make sounds in their throats, what we call wines, but they are telling us what they need! Some will show unconditional trust and love by turning tummies up, for a tummy rub. They will even reach for your hands while they are begging to be rubbed. We strongly feel these traits can be strengthened by early stimulation with play and family development. As you can tell, I could go on for hours about the social skills of our babies, but it is enough to know that these skills and many others are what we encourage.


Our beliefs also encourage us to "give back". Many families are going thru difficult times. WE do take rescue puppies, and we do re-home them. We will always let you know if a puppy is a rescue puppy. These puppies speak to a lot of people. Others want no part in it. We try not to judge, we just try to ease the pain and resolve their issues. All of our rescue puppies have gone to excellent lives. Please feel free to inquire if you are so moved. 

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